Wellness Parties


Customized parties designed to sweep your guests off their feet with exquisite bites and organic sips. How would you like  to  add a  mini-facial, a relaxing massage and even acupuncture for your guests to enjoy !

We  focus on "healthy recreation" and the Cloud 9, total feel good factor.

The oxygen bar and movement sessions can be reserved separately or as a package.

Life is a Celebration! We design parties that bring the most elevating experience. Get together to deeply relax, and get pampered. Dance and laugh, enjoy great food--It's everything you imagined. 

Customize your Event

Ideal for any Celebration:

Private Parties

Bridal Events

Corporate Events

University Campus De-Stress

Fairs & Festivals

"Everything you Imagined"


Get Energized, Get Moving, Get Zen

Movement Sessions: Choose yoga, tai-chi, meditation and dance session for 30-60 minutes.


Relax, and get pampered!

Customized parties designed to sweep your guests off their feet with exquisite bites, organic sips. Add to that a mini-facial, a relaxing massage and even accupuncture!

with a focus on "healthy recreation" and the Cloud 9, Feel good factor.


Exquisite Bites and Sips

Delicious and healthy catering.

Oxygen Bar

Walk on Clouds

The New "Energy Bar"

My first visit to an oxygen bar was an unforgettable experience. A few words to describe it: "Lightness of Being", "Refreshing", "Energizing" More importantly, this opened up the idea of healthy, wholesome recreation. I looked for oxygen bars in my travels from coast to coast and remained a rare find.

As a yoga teacher, practitioner and holistic health enthusiast, I realized the increasing need for fun and healthy entertainment that is uplifting to people of all ages. The inspiration brought Elevate O2, a unique form of recreational entertainment. It's a continually evolving experience and a featured jewel in our "Cloud 9 Party"

Living in the city for many years, I created ways to enhance my well-being by deliberately choosing therapeutic activities that would create a day of total "Blissful Zen Reality"

Yoga, Massage, Foot Reflexology, an enlightening workshop, delicious snacks and exquisite vegetarian meals. 

In my frequent visits to Chinatown NYC and later Japan, I realized in certain cultures, the art of relaxation is a part of daily life. 

At Elevate O2 we see creating a wellness lifestyle  as a needed ingredient to add balance to our every day lives. 

With many years of experience working in marketing and the events industry, we are delighted to offer events services that create a lasting impression.